Asia Travel and Backpacking Tips

If there is something in Asia you should leave space for improvisation. In Asia the closed plans are of little use, and it is the ideal place to break pre-established itineraries and give free rein to the trip, leaving you completely amazed. Imagine reaching a paradise beach in Thailand and you have only scheduled two days there. Do not you really want to spend a week enjoying paradise? We would do it without hesitation for a second
Travel light.
He thinks that in most of Asia it is hot, even very hot, except for a few months a year and in very specific areas, so it is not worth carrying with much luggage. What's more, if you need to, you will have no problem buying t-shirts or even bikinis at a very good price, so leave the material things at home and fill your backpack experiences. We assure you that traveling lighter is traveling much freer.
Learn a few words from the local language and accompany them with a smile.
If you want to create a special communication, talk to the locals in your language, even if they are only two words. You'll see how a much closer relationship comes into play right away. And if you do not dare, just smile and confirm that the smile is the most powerful weapon that human has.
Haggle (and without losing money to the seller).

Haggling is part of most countries in this area of ​​the world, so do not wonder if when you go to buy something, directly expect to start a bargain, This process is sometimes so long that it will even give you time to take a tea with the seller (of course invited by him), engage in a conversation or even explain your life. Take it easy and above all with a smile. You will see how much more you get and if you do not take the wooden mask that you entered the store in the end, surely you will have had a good time.
Come and try the local gastronomy.
In Asia the food is tasted with the five senses. Be prepared to live in each dish an explosion of flavors, colors and smells, that surely you will never forget. Above all, go for the street food. If there is no menu, do not worry, just point out some dish you see on another table, catch your eye and sit down and enjoy one of the great reasons you travel to Asia.
Animals, better in their habitat.
In some Asian countries you will see that there are "tourist activities" that involve the "ab-use" of animals. Forget about them. Before you climb an elephant or take a picture of a monkey in disguise, think about whether that animal is there of its own free will. No, right? It is much better to enjoy the animals in their natural habitat than to see them painting or playing football, activities that, as you will understand, are not for them.
Wherever you go, do whatever you see."
There is nothing worse than not respecting the culture of a country or place, something that you have to take into account, especially when we face gestures or attitudes so different from ours. Many things that for us are habitual and normal, for them can mean the opposite, even going so far as to be offensive. So, be sure to observe the local behavior and if you have doubts, do not be embarrassed to ask.
Here, more than ever, "Wherever you go, do what you see".
Find out a bit about the destination.
Before we said that it is not good to carry all the plans closed in Asia, but that does not mean that you arrive without knowing or in which country you are. As in everything, the extremes are always detrimental, so know a little of the history and culture of the place where you will be the next few days, as the most important places to visit, know something of its gastronomy and some basic words, sure They help you with your trip.
Use local transportation and walk (a lot).
And not just to save a few coins. The local transport shows a lot of a society and a culture and is one of the best places to make friends. You do not believe it? Get on a bus that takes 200 kilometers for 9 hours and then we'll talk about it, shall we?
And walk. There is nothing like walking the Asian cities and villages walking, a unique way to get to know first hand and in a relaxed way the place where you are.
Anuradhapura things to do
Enjoy every minute (and every second) of the trip.
And there is no better advice than we can give you whether you enjoy every minute of your trip to Asia, a place as wonderful as enigmatic, of which there is only one sure thing: it will hook you and much.

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